Does Alaron market any dietary supplements, complementary medicines or therapeutic goods under its own label?

No. Alaron’s focus is in contract manufacturing for brand marketers,wholesalers, distributors, retailers who want their own label and individual marketers who, for example, sell their own brand via mail order or the Internet. We are not competing with our customers in the market place.

How does Alaron work with its customers?

One of the big benefits Alaron offers is choice. You can select from our complete range of manufacturing services, depending on your unique needs. For some customers, this involves the complete manufacturing and packaging process. We can take you from sourcing raw materials to drying, milling, encapsulating, tabletting, bottling, label printing/application, shrink wrapping, placing in cartons, packaging, and delivery with any necessary export documentation. Other customers may source their own raw materials for us to dry and mill, some simply supply powders for us to encapsulate or tablet. We work with each customer to establish their needs and how we can best serve them, whether it’s to supplement your own manufacturing capacity or to offer a “one-stop shop.”

Do I have to supply my own labels for my unique products?

Yes, labels are supplied to Alaron by the customer. We can apply a batch and use by date to your labels per production run. Please contact us to discuss important information such as roll size, print direction and windows for batch and use by before conducting a print run. Alaron will keep a copy of your label on file as a master and use this to conduct quality control checks for all future consignments received from your printer. If your labels have a foreign language on them you will need to provide us with an approved translation.

What products do Alaron manufacture?

We can manufacture virtually any dietary supplement, complementary medicine or therapeutic good sourced from natural materials that can be encapsulated or tabletted and bottled. This includes a wide range of marine, meat, game, bee or dairy based products as well as herbal and nutraceutical supplements derived from plants, vegetables, flowers, roots and other botanical sources. We also manufacture products containing probiotics, vitamins, minerals, enzymes & amino acids.

What are some examples of the marine-based supplements you can supply?

We can supply marine-based products like shark cartilage powder, NZ greenshell™ mussel powder, oyster and abalone powders, as well as marine vegetables such as spirulina, plus marine salts used in the production of glucosamine sulphate capsules.

Do Alaron manufacture meat or game products?

We handle a wide range of raw materials. For example, from deer herds, we process antlers, bone, pizzles, testicles, tails, virtually all parts of the animal to produce supplements like deer velvet capsules and a wide range of other products popular in the Asian market as health supplements and aphrodisiacs.

Do Alaron manufacture dairy-based products?

We can produce a wide range of dairy products ranging from Milk powders, Whey proteins, Lactose, Nutritional powders, speciality powders and protein products. Colostrum and Lactoferrin based products can be produced across a range of potency and product type (e.g. powder, capsules, tablets).

Do you also produce herbal supplements?

Yes. We have the facilities to process a wide range of herbal, botanical and nutraceutical products, including popular supplements like cayenne, co-enzyme Q10, echinacea, garlic, ginkgo biloba, green tea, kava kava, lecithin, saw palmetto, and St. John’s wort. We also custom blend powders to our customers’ unique formulas.

Do any of these products require special licensing?

Yes. To meet both New Zealand and international standards, we are required to meet stringent requirements to hold licences to handle fish, shellfish, game, game meat, meat and dairy products. Our premises are audited regularly by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority Verification Agency to ensure our ongoing compliance. Additionally, we operate under the direction of the New Zealand Ministry of Health in the production of herbal, botanical and nutraceutical products and hold a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate.

Do any of these products require any special handling?

As part of our quality assurance programme, we develop a unique protocol for each product as it goes through the manufacturing process. For example, a number of materials like shark cartilage and most botanicals are extremely sensitive to heat. These products are earmarked for our unique cold milling process in order to protect them from damage.

Why do you say that your cold milling process is unique?

Our cold mills were designed and produced exclusively for Alaron to our exacting specifications to eliminate the heat normally generated in the milling process. Because we keep equipment and product cool at this critical point, you can feel confident that your supplements offer the maximum benefits to your own customers.

What other assurances of quality can I expect from Alaron?

The New Zealand Ministry of Health recognises that Alaron adheres to the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for the manufacture and packaging of dietary supplements. The premises are registered under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 and audited by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority. Alaron’s commitment to exceptional quality is reflected in our implementation of an HACCP Quality Assurance Program. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a systematic, preventative, science-based food safety control system originally developed by NASA for the US space programme.
The system is internationally recognised as the most effective method for assuring food safety and is being mandated in the EU, USA and Australia, as well as being voluntarily adopted in countries like Canada and New Zealand. We employ a full-time Quality Assurance Manager and Technical Manager as part of our eight person quality & technical team and provide ongoing training for all staff members.

Does Alaron offer me any unique or special advantages?

Our corporate offices and manufacturing premises are ideally located in Nelson, New Zealand. New Zealand, as an island nation with a sophisticated approach to environmental issues, is a particularly good source for natural products. We are close to the unpolluted waters, mineral rich farmlands, deer farmers and bee keepers that produce so many of the natural raw materials demanded by our customers.

How about pricing?

A number of factors contribute to our ability to be competitive in our pricing. For exporters, the current relationship of the New Zealand dollar to other currencies offers a favourable exchange rate. Our experience and knowledge of available resources help us negotiate optimum prices for raw materials. Additionally, we have structured our production processes with cost efficiencies in mind. And finally, our proximity to many raw material sources and to air and sea shipping facilities can allow us to trim handling costs. Please contact our Marketing Director to discuss your unique needs.

I need to know more about specific raw ingredients/materials, can you help?

Alaron can give some guidance with regard to ingredients, but for your benefit, it is best to look at some sites to gain background information. Many sites state research and benefits of products such as lecithin, co enzyme q10, royal jelly, beche de mer, oyster powder etc. Good luck with the search!

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