Add their own label to have an instant, market-ready product.

Manufacturing Capabilities & Services

Alaron offers the complete Personal Care package. Customers can either utilise our innovative, pure and natural range of products by adding their own label to have an instant, market-ready product or by selecting a base formulation to which their own unique, specialised ingredients may be added.

Customers also have the option of selecting the processing steps required from our comprehensive range of manufacture services.

Alaron’s Personal Care Contract Manufacturing services include:

  • New Product Development
  • Formulation Advice
  • Raw Material sourcing (ingredients and packaging)
  • Manufacturing
    • Vacuum Emulsifier capable of producing Aqueous and/or Oil based liquids/creams
    • Quality Control and Assurance (includes microbiological testing where required)
  • Packing
    • Filling: Jars, Pots and Bottles
    • Induction Sealing
    • Labeling
    • Batch Coding
    • Shrink Wrapping
    • Cartoning
  • Warehousing and Dispatch

Factors that affect product quality are closely monitored.

Our premises are designed to optimise our control and coordination of the manufacturing process to ensure product quality and rapid product turnaround. Temperature, moisture, hygienic material handling and other factors that affect product quality are closely monitored and controlled at each step.

Alaron is structured to easily adapt procedures to individual customer requirements. We will work closely with you to determine your specific needs. If necessary, we can develop unique procedures and processing methods or even acquire special-purpose equipment in order to meet those needs.

Please contact Cary Wernick, Business Development Director for further information or to discuss your unique situation.

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