Alaron maintains strict hygiene standards in all areas of production and product handling

Quality Control Programme

As a manufacturer of quality dietary supplements, complementary medicines & therapeutic goods Alaron maintains strict hygiene standards in all areas of production and product handling.

Alaron’s commitment to exceptional quality is reflected in our implementation of a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) based documentation system including a registered Risk Management Programme (Registered with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority) containing HACCP principles and audited by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (NZMPI) Verification Agency.

This forms our quality control programme which incorporates numerous checks and double checks. These start from reception and follow the product – which is identified through a unique number system – all the way through processing until it receives a full Quality Assurance check prior to dispatch.

The procedures are comprehensively outlined in a series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) which create the foundation of the quality control programme. These SOP’s are reviewed annually to ensure accuracy and relevance to current processing requirements.

Ongoing staff education to ensure the highest standards.

Within the matrix of this system Alaron runs an Internal Compliance Audit Programme. This involves operational checks daily that reflect the pre-requisite programme requirements ensuring that the necessary requirements are being met.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a systematic, preventative, science-based food safety control system originally developed by NASA for the US space programme. The system is internationally recognised as the most effective method for assuring food safety and is being mandated in the EU, USA and Australia, as well as being voluntarily adopted in countries like Canada and New Zealand.

Under this HACCP system, Alaron monitors and documents the physical, microbiological and/or chemical condition of the plant, supplies, materials and products at each step in the manufacturing process. Procedures are in place to take corrective action when monitoring indicates intervention is necessary. Our HACCP programme is audited by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority Verification Agency.

We conduct ongoing staff education to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

All microbiological testing and chemical analysis of raw materials and products in process are carried out independently of Alaron by Cawthron Institute. Cawthron – and other independent labs accredited to GMP/GLP and registered with the IANZ auditing body.

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