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Services Available

Alaron is here to implement all phases of dietary supplement, complementary medicines & therapeutic goods production, from raw material acquisition, material handling and storage, and pre-production processing to manufacturing, final product analysis, and retail or bulk packaging. We are a one-stop-shop for contract manufacturing.

You may choose to provide your own raw materials for us to assemble. Or just choose what you require from our comprehensive range of manufacturing services.

Raw Materials
Sourcing – Storing – Drying – Milling – Blending and more.

Alaron is capable of manufacturing both sustained and immediate release, 2 piece hard shell capsule products in a full range of gelatine and all vegetable based capsule shell material sizes and colours. We can manufacture both single component and multi-component products. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to produce an extremely uniform and reproducible finished product. Capsules are polished to ensure a clean, smooth, powder free exterior.

Liquid Filling
Tinctures, sprays and liquid forms of supplements are becoming more popular, we can provide a variety of choices for the filling, labelling and packing of these products.

Alaron manufactures both coated, uncoated and chewable tablets. These tablets can be single component or multi component products. The appearance of the tablets can be designed to meet our customers’ requirements. Our formulas allow us to produce a uniform and reproducible finished product that meets our rigorous quality standards.

Alaron now has in place Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified tablet coating. We use Colorcon supplied coating materials that are recognised internationally as leading edge technology in terms of quality and performance. Alaron can coat up to 1,000 kgs of tablets per day.

Powder Filling
Alaron operates a state of the art powder filler. This unit is very accurate and efficient for a wide range of powders and granules over a range of fill weights from just a few grams per container to several kgs.


  • Bottling
  • Hot-foil printing
  • Label application
  • Shrink-wrapping and carton binding
  • Packing, labelling for shipment

Freeze Drying

Alaron is pleased to offer commercial freeze drying services. Freeze drying is an innovative process to retain activity of delicate heat sensitive products. Alaron has a range of freeze drying services available and have multiple dryers available for different products. Alaron’s freeze drying can process a range of materials including (but not limited to); honey, fruits, vegetables, algae, plant material, Greenshell™ Mussel and other marine products.

Benefits of freeze-drying

  • Retains activity of delicate heat sensitive material
  • Maintains the integrity of the product throughout the process
  • Nutritional content, flavours and smells generally remain unchanged
  • The shelf life of a  product is generally increased
  • Almost any product (liquids and solids) can be freeze-dried
  • Reduces microbiological related incidences over time
  • Active elements in the product are protected
  • Physical volume of a product is reduced which can lead to reduced packaging and freight costs

Personal Care Products
Alaron offers skincare and bodycare manufacturing capabilities.
Unique to Alaron is our range of innovative, natural Personal Care products for private label, personalising or as wholesale.

We are able to offer exporters assistance with product registration for most local and foreign government requirements and provide export documents and Certificates of Analysis with each shipment.

We can help you take advantage of the worldwide growth market in complementary medicines, therapeutic goods, natural dietary supplements and personal care products – you take care of the marketing and we do the rest.

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