Our Future of Sustainability 

Our steps to a brighter, more
sustainable Alaron future.

Our Environmental Goals

– Become a low-emissions, carbon neutral business.
– Responsibly manage and reduce all our impacts on water.
– Power our entire operations by electricity.
– Be a leader in circular manufacturing and waste reduction.
– Reduce volume of soft plastics going to landfill.

Our Social Goals

– Support all aspects of our peoples’ wellbeing.
– Have a safe, happy, and healthy workforce.
– Be recognised as a workplace that celebrates and values diversity.
– Have a highly engaged and well-trained workforce.
– Foster the career development of our people and ensure Alaron presents a long-term career option.

Our Governance Goals

– Be a visible part of our community.
– Meaningfully contribute to prosperity in our region.
– Have visibility of our entire supply chain.
– Maintain high ethical standards in all business dealings.
– Be a profitable and responsible long-term business.

Let’s start a new
project together

13 Bolt Road, Tahunanui Nelson, New Zealand