Hard Shell Capsules

Gelatin or vegetarian capsules 
Sizes 3,2,1,0,0E,00,00E 
Powder filled


Uncoated, film coated, or chewable 
Range of shapes and sizes 
Custom tooling available to your design

Powder Blending

Simple and complex blends 
Small or large scale blending options Humidity controls for more sensitive ingredients

Freeze Drying

Customer supplied raw materials (toll processing only) 
Small scale drying options 

Creams & Gels

Aqueous/Oil Based Creams and Gels Vacuum Emulsification technology

Tonics & Syrups

Aqueous/Oil Based Liquid blending
Small or large scale blending options


We can pack your products into a number of shelf-ready packaging formats. We can also provide your products in bulk packed format if required.
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