Quality control has always been our number one priority.

Quality Assurance, Our Commitment to Quality

At Alaron, taking control of quality has always been our number one priority. The New Zealand Ministry of Health (Medsafe) issued Alaron’s first GMP Certificate in 1999. Medsafe does extensive audits annually to ensure the standards are maintained. This certification recognises that Alaron adheres to the requirements of the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the manufacture and packaging of dietary supplements, complementary medicines and therapeutic goods.


  • Alaron is proud of being fully certified and registered under a Risk Management Programme (RMP) with the NZ Food Safety Authority (audited by NZMPI) for fish, meat, game, shellfish, game meat, dairy and bee products.
  • Alaron’s premises are registered under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 and audited regularly by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.
  • Alaron is a licensed exporter registered with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.
  • Medsafe conducts extensive audits annually to ensure the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are maintained to Australian TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) Standards which are regarded as the highest level of quality control for natural health products anywhere in the world.

If you require copies of certificates please contact us.

100% assurance on the quality of all ingredients

The nutritional supplements we ship to you are consistently the best – without exception!

Alaron assures quality by:

  • Analysing every formulation to confirm ingredient accuracy
  • Conducting in-process inspections throughout manufacturing: we monitor fill-weight, hardness, thickness, disintegration and friability.
  • Testing for full compliance verification
  • Quarantining finished goods until a final quality control review has been completed
  • Retaining bottled samples of each production batch for future reference
  • Monitoring and checking operators, machines and environments for compliance
  • Conducting a comprehensive staff training programme


Alaron also demands high standards from all raw material and packaging suppliers to ensure that the final product arrives safely into the hands of the customer with a 100% assurance on the quality of all ingredients.

Experience you can depend on

Do you want a GMP certified manufacturer with quality you can trust? Experience you can depend on?