Our Sustainability Journey to Date

Alaron is proud of past
sustainability accomplishments

Energy conservation and gas reduction

At Alaron we have installed a heat exchange system that has been designed to capture the heat generated by our air handling systems, and reuse this energy to heat our hot water. Previously this heat was wasted by venting it into the air. This now captured energy has reduced our gas consumption by approximately 90% and Alaron has plans to remove gas altogether by 2024.

Solar Panel System 

At 324kWp and 810 panels, we have installed one of the largest solar system in Te Tauihu. Alaron will be able to use 100% of this electricity to run the day-to-day operations of the factory.

Staff Health and Wellbeing

The wellbeing staff is important to Alaron. It is for that reason we are proud to be a living wage employer and provide healthcare to our employees.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Alaron has implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct to better understand our supply chain and encourage ethical sourcing. This code of conduct includes environment, sustainability, ethical behaviour and business practice along with staff wellbeing.

No Car policy

To encourage less staff to drive to work, Alaron has implemented a no-car policy. Staff receive payment for using active or public transport, carpooling or other means to get to work. To further support this initiative, Alaron has collaborated with a local bike retailer to offer discounted E-bikes to staff.

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