Alaron is committed to being a good global citizen

When it comes to sustainability and our impact on the environment, we have implemented several strategic initiatives to improve our sustainability. We are engaged with advisors to further develop our long-term sustainability strategy, including developing tools to measure our carbon footprint with a goal to attain carbon neutral/positive accreditation.

Energy conservation and gas reduction

At Alaron we have installed a heat exchange system that has been designed to capture the heat generated by our air handling systems, and reuse this energy to heat our hot water. Previously this heat was wasted by venting it into the air. This now captured energy will reduce our gas consumption by approximately 90%.

Waste diversion and recycling

We are working to establish a complete and robust waste diversion policy, so alongside a normal recycling program for plastic containers, paper, glass and tins, we are working with other local businesses to reuse as much waste as possible. For example, used pallets are being repurposed, all soft plastics and industrial cardboard go through our newly installed rubbish compactors which are then sent off for recycling to significantly reduce waste that has to be sent to landfill. Waste reduction is part of our mission to make health products for a health conscious world.

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At 324kWp and 810 panels, we have installed one of the largest solar system in Te Tauihu. Alaron will be able to use 100% of this electricity to run the day-to-day operations of the factory.

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